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New equipment BW-400

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Now in 24 hours duty at more than 100 airports all over the world!

NEW OFFER : Fully independent battery operated (24 volts) portable wrapper model BW-400 E (ask for details)

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BW-400 made for athens

 The stretch-film characteristics - WINWRAP (Germany)

The baggage wrapper model BW-400 uses both normal and pre-stretch rolls of folio, produced from the WINWRAP (Germany) with standard 7,5 hard core. As an option second cartridge is available for non-hard core type of folio. Normal thickness of the material is 23 microns (0.23 mm) in length of 1500 meter.

WINWRAP saves working time.
WINWRAP stretch films are optimised by a patented process. Therefore, they do not have to be pulled with a lot of effort and energy involved. This film does not tie up the package to be wrapped, and less wrappings are required for stretching a packaging unit.

Characteristics of the stretch-folio: 

  • Transparent or light blue with optional colour strips  
  • Heat, water, cold & oil resistant
  • One phase smooth and the other phase sticky
  • The folio doesnt leave any trace or mark on the surface of the luggage. Easy removal after the usage, recyclable

            WINWRAP is sertified from the German quality conrtol TUV and ISO        


- Powered pre-stretch mechanism up to 300 % for material savings;

- Usage of standard type of stretch-folio material

- Easy supply from the local market, no need for import and storage;

- Adjustable rotary spins for flexible baggage acceptance

- Acceptance of the various size and type of baggage maximum diameter 1300 mm
- Moving up and down stretch-folio cartridge - automatically wrapping cycles;(also footage-operated pedal options)

- max wrapping baggage up to 1300 mm.
- Pre-selected counter for the numbers of the layers of folio, wrapped over the baggage + automatic stop
- Availability the serviceman to operate on the both sides of the machine with easy reachable buttons, either automatically or manually

- Inner build counter for the numbers of the baggage - infrared ray tech.
- Low position of the rotary device - easy placement of heavy baggage

- Friendly change of the new folio cartridge + three position for the pre-stretch selection hard, middle and soft-for pre-stretched type
- Usage of a standard 500 mm in width folio, which is available on the local market (average cost per roll is 30 USD and with one roll can be wrapped between 300 500 items, depending from the size)
- Noiseless and environmentally in standards, without to use any heating elements

- Build on heavy-duty wheels for a smooth movement around the airport the machine is not a portable type

- Soft-start baggage rotation and automatically stop functions

- Build in emergency stop on the front panels and on the frame in front of the cartridge roll with the folio for preventing incidents

- Modern design and many color options, made in harmony with the airport interior

-Stainless steel frame as standard
- Power supply 220 V, 50-60 Hertz (110 V is an option), 0,5 KW installed power, 10 A

powered by SIEMENS


new equipment
the wrapping material
pre-stretch folio for cost savings

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Advantage of the model BW-400

is the usage of a standard type

of stretch-folio material in size

50 sm. in wide, 1500 meters long

23 microns in thickness


The size of the equipment