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manual wrapping tool

This non-expensive, mobile baggage wrapping device makes it easy to securely wrap and save passengers' suitcases, bags, cartons, duffel bags and other baggage items with stretch film. Designed for use in the airports and other travel departure points, as well as in any other packing applications, as delivery services, shipping and forwarding services. In fact, some companies using baggage wrapping machines ( machine ) to wrap several boxes of goods together to be delivered.

BW-400 stretch-wrapper
Made in Bulgaria

Baggage wrapping equipment must be precisely selected to fit to the specific airport condition.
The Portable Baggage Wrapper provides a baggage wrapping solution that will significantly reduce the claims and insurance payments for airline company.
AirFrance, Delta, British Airways and other airline companies are using the wrapping machines to ensure flight and luggage safety today.

New equipment BW-400

Wrapping machine
Made in Italy/UK

made in Canada

stretch wrapper
made in France

double sided baggage wrapper
made in Bulgaria

new pouch screen operating models
New advance technology by Schneider Electric