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Our company SATEL-95 Ltd. / AirVision is situated in Sofia, the capital of R. of Bulgaria / Europe.


We are dstributing exclusively baggage wrapping, luggage wrapping machines, cargo pallet stretchwrappers and stretch wrapping systems for the industry.

Airport stretch wrapping machines and baggage wrappers,luggage wrappers and other stretch wrapping equipment are widely used not only to wrap the cargo but also to secure wrapped items from opening, pilferage, tampering, damage in transport, smuggling and theft of baggage or cargo. While theft will always be possible the damage to the wrapping layer will immediately put on alert transportation companies and airline personnel.

Especially baggage wrapping in airports, see-ports, bus, and train terminals add to security, removing possibility of placing in the packages any contraband, dangerous materials, drugs or explosive.

Stretch wraping machines, using transparent stretch film allow easy verification of the content packaged on pallets and identification of baggage at the destination.


C.E.O./President:                                          Post office adderess :   

Mr. Emil Zhivkov, MBA                                               1000 Sofia 

FAX: +359 2 989 86 25                                      33, Parensov str.

Phone:+359 888 77 53 49                         Republic of Bulgaria EU

E-mail:             Bulgaria / Europe   



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