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stretch-folio model BW-400
Wrapper BW-180 (PBG-180)
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 If you are looking for industrial packaging machines, using low-cost stretch-folio material, this is the right place to choose your equipment. Our engineers shall perform all your demands not only for standard, but also for any particular need you have at your own business.
The stretch machine RD was developed for processing WINWRAP Coreless- stretch films. Its practice oriented and robust technology ensures perfect stretching results at cheapest costs and approximately 50% material savings. This battery-powered stretch machine has capacity for more than 100 pallet-wrapping processes.

VR-650 pallet stretch wrapper

RD-202 (also mobile 24 volts version)


The stretch machines WR 650 were especially developed for WINWRAP stretch film processing. Their simple and robust technology ensures perfect stretching results at cheapest costs and more than 50% material savings.

  • Film roll enclosed in wrapping tower
  • High safety, no risk of injuries
  • Optimised mechanical brake
  • Three wrapping programs selectable
  • Programmable number of top and bottom wrappings
  • Height censoring by photocell
  • Soft start and soft coasting via frequency
  • Controlled stop position via induction switch
  • Electronic control
  • Easy handling